Please Get ( or Reserve ) the Item for me? I looking for a rare item.

Looking for specific item

Unfortunately we can't accept the requests about getting "popular or rare items" individually.

Because we have received many requests in the past,we know many customers still want these items.

And in current situation it's very difficult to get rare or popular items in stock.

We may accept for the item we can get easily at that time.

If we can get these items successfully, we would like to post an update on our Social Media to keep the chance as fair to all customers.

If we accept these requests and sell it directly to customer, Rare item will not appear in our store at all.

About product reservations

As a general rule, we do not hold items that are not paid for.

Prices change daily, and if many customers wish to do so, the transaction will be complicated and we will not be able to accommodate them.

As a rule, we do not accept to hold items without your payment.

However, you can keep your order without shipping it after payment and combine it with your next order,

so please consider this system.

See the article below for instructions on how to do this.

My order has not shipped yet, please add the item to it???

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