Custom Duty Policy

Custom duty is completely buyer’s responsibility in our store.

In our store custom duty is completely buyer’s responsibility. When you buy items on our store, you need to agree this Custom Duty Policy.

You may be charged for handling fees and Custom Duty when your pack passes through customs. Any charges on a parcel must be paid by the person receiving the parcel.

We have no control over these charges and we can’t tell you what the cost would be,as customs duty vary widely from country to country.

Please contact your local customs office for current charges before you order,
if you want to know how much it costs when you import items from Japan.

We can’t write under-value or mark as gift on the label in any case.

By law, we must declare all items at their full price and cannot alter this amount to decrease international Custom Duty. We can’t write under-value or mark as gift on the label in any case. Because "Undervalue" is formally defined as “tax evasion” under Japanese tax law. We are officially registered as a business under Japanese tax law and are not allowed to do anything illegal.

If you refuse a shipment from us, you are responsible for the original shipping charges, This amount will be deducted from your merchandise refund.

Features on Customs Duties by Country/Region


No custom charge when you import the items under $800 per day. If you import over $800 as total in the same day (including from other stores ),your pack will be charged in USA custom and you have to pay it.

2.EU countries
In almost all case,  your pack will be charged in your country’s custom. Please understand before you place orders.And our price doesn’t include VAT, you may have to pay import charge and also VAT.

In the case Australian customers buy the product from other countries, GST (a 10% tax on the retail price) is charged on all international items shipped into Australia since JUL 2018.You need to pay GST when you receive the pack.

4.Other countries
In our experience, whether your pack charged or not depends on your country and custom. Please understand there is a possibility you have to pay Custom Charge.

If you disagree with the amount of custom charge by your country's custom.

If you disagree with the amount of custom charge by your country's custom.First of all, please ask your country's custom to explain the basis for the amount of custom charge.We will not assist you in any way in calculating the amount of tax due in your country.After you ask to custom, If you find that the commercial invoice we made was incorrect, we will propose a solution.To do so, you will need to provide us with proof that our invoice was wrong.Basically, the custom charge on your personal imports are the matter between you and your country's customs.We will not respond to your inquiry unless our commercial invoice was incorrect.

We think that requiring under-value to our store is the request us to do something illegal.

The Commercial Invoice is an official document. False statements on it are clearly illegal.Our shop is officially doing business under the Japanese laws.If we are found to be doing so, we will be prosecuted by the Japanese law.We would like to inform that we have no intention of taking such a risk at all and have been doing business without it for many years.As a result of the above, if you make any "under-value" request to us (as soon as you inquire about it),we will cancel all your orders and freeze your account once.

Rarely we receive the message "This is a Gift to my Friends".

If you would like to be gift-wrapped, we are sorry but we do not offer wrapping services.Also, if you are asking us to mark a commercial invoice as a gift, we are unable to do so.The meaning of "Gift in the Commercial Invoice" is that we are sending you a gift, not that you are buying it to send as a gift to your friends.
Since you are purchasing from us, the Commercial Invoice will not be marked as a gift. And we are unable to comply with requests to not describe the price and contents in the label (invoice),because in international mail, the sender has to write down the price and contents for customs clearance.

When you return the item because the item has defects or any issues in working, We can't refund the custom duty.

We only refund your money based only on item price and shipping cost. Because usually you can get the refund of custom duty from your country's custom.
The Procedure for getting refunds of custom duty depends on your country's custom, please contact directly with your country customs in advance.
We can't support about that, please understand.


About the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)>>>

We are often asked the question:“The imports and exports of EU countries and Japan should have been tax-free due to EPA, but they were taxed, Please pay tax instead of me”.But there are requirements for this EPA application.One of them is “the country of export is the same as the country of origin of the goods”.We are based in Japan, but unfortunately the current country of origin for Tamagotchi,Digimons are “China”.Therefore, we must write “made in China” on the invoice.It does not meet the EPA requirements and is subject to customs duties.And even if the product is "Made in Japan",basically we need to make the document and put in the pack to apply this EPA to our export, it's difficult to apply EPA rule from our side officially.

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