My order has not shipped yet, please add the item to it???

If your order has not been shipped yet, it might be possible. Please contact us first.
And please make purchase for additional item and write the comment about combine shipping on "Order notes" .If there is any excess shipping cost, it will be refunded when we ship them out.

[Refund Amount]

you need to make payment at once to apply our shipping rates “Only highest cost applying” that benefit the customers.
So if you add the items on your order,we will refund only the amount actually exceeding the real cost. ( Not the whole of either shipping cost )

For example : You placed 2 orders  separately .
Order 1 : shipping : $20
Order 2 : shipping : $25
Totally you paid $45

When you ask to us to combine them after you bought separately,
if our normal shipping rate (“Only highest cost applying”) applied, whole of either cost "$20" will be refunded.

But actually in this case ,,,

$45(you paid)- $36 ( **Real Cost ** ) = $9 will be refunded.

Because our normal shipping rate (Only highest cost applying) is based on the thing we don’t need to do complicate thing and the commercial invoice is automatically made.
When we combine different orders, it’s complicated for us and time consuming because we need to make invoice manually. Irregular things make our work complicated and slow.
So we can’t give the same rate as normal shipment.

Furthermore, even if we combine your order, the shipping cost we actually pay may be more than what you paid.


order #1 shipping $20
order #2 shipping $20

You want to combine them, you paid $20x2 =$40 totally.

$40(you paid)- $52 ( **Real Cost ** ) = $-12 (No Refund).

Espeically it happens you buy heavy items. In this case, we can't refund at all.
This means that even if you combine two or more different orders, the shipping costs may not be refunded.

The best way for you to ensure that you get the best shipping rates is to buy all your items at the same time.
Only then will you save on our shipping charges.

About “Keeping your order for a while”

Sometimes you may want to keep your order and add some items on your order for saving the shipping cost by combined shipping.
we can keep your order for a while and you can combine some orders.

Please write the comment on the order notes of first order ,”Keep this order for a while “.
( ***please don't send message by email or social media message in this case, because our shipping part may proceed to ship out before we read your message. )

And you need to write the comment on each order about what we should do,

“Keep this order, too. Original order No. #00000”,
or “Ship All order , Original Order No. #00000 ” etc..

In this case, the refund amount is calculated by the same rule of above.

Notice : we can keep for 30 days since you placed first order, if 30 days have passed, we ship all automatically, Please understand.

Sep 17, 2022

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