Shipping Policy

Shipping Method

After you add items to your cart and register your address, you will see the available shipping methods and shipping costs.

Our shipping method is basically DHL EXPRESS. (For DHL remote areas, EMS may be set up.)

DHL Express w/Tracking (Signature Required - under COVID19, it may be safe-drop)

In the United States (and some other countries), P.O.BOX and APO addresses are not available.*
To Italian and Brazilian Customer : DHL requests to write your TAX CODE* on shipping label, Please includes your tax code in "Shipping Address"
Specifying the delivery date and time can not be accepted in all shipping method.

Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost will vary depending on your country and product. After Log-in, Please add the item to cart and proceed to Checkout,you can see the ship cost there.

Handling Time

We usually ship orders within 2-3 business days (in Japan time) Sometimes it may take 3-5 days by our various reasons, Day off, Busy or Holiday etc.
*Japanese DHL is not working on Saturday and Sunday. If you place the order on between p.m. Thursday and Sunday, it may be shipped on Monday.

Delivery Time

Usually it takes 3-5 days from the pack dispatched from us. If busy or holiday season, it may take longer.
Sometimes it takes longer if an unexpected delay happens in custom procedure or other reason.


You can track your pack on following page.

DHL Tracking


Remote Area
If your location is in a remote area of our contracted DHL, we may not be able to ship at normal rates. This happens especially often in Australia,Canada and USA(since 2023) .In this case we will either send you an invoice for the additional cost or, if we are able to ship via EMS, we will send you an invoice for the difference in cost with EMS.(We can't use EMS for USA shipment.) If you do not agree, we can cancel your order.Also, if EMS shipping is possible with the shipping costs already paid, we may change the shipment to EMS. Remote areas are updated monthly by DHL, so it is determined at the time of shipment if it is a remote area or not, Not at the time of making purchase (even if it is a Pre-Order having long days until the release date).

Wrong Address
If you register wrong address ,DHL may call you and deliver the pack to correct address, but in this case, the additional cost will be placed on our store later, we will send invoice to you about this additional cost. The cost is usually around $15 and you need to pay it. Until you pay, we can't ship your next order.

Refuse to Receive
If you refuse to receive the DHL pack because of custom duty or something your reason, the pack may not be returned to us and just disposed by DHL.Or we need to pay very expensive return cost and fee to DHL, such as $50-100 .( It's the same in the case of a return due to you not responding to the DHL.) So in this case your money will not be refunded al all. Please understand in advance you can't refuse to receive DHL shipping by any reason. You can't get any refund.

Feb 5, 2023

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