Can I add orders to my pre-order that has not been shipped yet?

Yes, you can add other orders on your Pre-Order that has not been shipped yet.
In this case, only the entire order can be combined, only some products in the order can't be combined with other orders.

You need to write the comment and Original Order No. such as "Add this order to my Pre-Order #No.------" on your new orders.And you need to pay double shipping cost temporarily.

We will keep them until Pre-Order released and ship them together and refund the excess shipping cost.

About combined shipping cost in this case, We will refund only the amount actually exceeding the real cost.Please understand.


Pre-Order: shipping : $8
Order 2 : shipping : $10
Totally you paid $18 temporarily

When we ship out, we refund as following,
$18(you paid)- $12 ( Real Cost ) = $6 will be refunded.
You will not always receive a full refund of either shipping costs.


However, even if we combine your order, the shipping cost we actually pay may be more than what you paid.


order #1 shipping $16
order #2 shipping $16

You want to combine them, you paid $16x2 =$32 totally.
$32(you paid)- $36 ( Real Cost ) = -$4 (we can't refund)

Espeically it happens when you buy heavy items. In this case, we can't refund any money. Please understand.

The best way for you to ensure that you get the best shipping rates is to buy all your items at the same time.
Only then will you save on our shipping charges.

Sep 17, 2022

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