Can I cancel my order ? or Can I change my order?

Basically we do not accept any cancellations or change of your order.
Please consider carefully before purchasing.

If you wish to cancel your order for unavoidable reasons,Please contact us via the contact form.
It is not possible to remove or add some items. In this case, please request cancellation.

If we are still able to cancel your order, we will do it. But there are the following possibilities :

1.Your package may be shipped before we read your cancellation request. If you haven't received a "Shipped" email yet, our shipping part may already start packing your order, in this case we may refuse to cancel your order.

2.Cancellation of popular products or large purchases may be considered a nuisance. In such cases, your account may be locked without notice.

3.Even in cases where cancellation is possible, cancellation is only possible for the entire order and not for the part of the order.

4.Cancellation of pre-order is possible only in the case you have not purchased any other in-stock items at the same time. If you have purchased in-stock items together, these items have already been placed on hold for you and we usually store them in a separate warehouse. If you still request cancelling, we will accept but you will be denied future orders.

[Cancellation History]

Your account may be closed without notice if you cancel more than the number of times specified by us,
or if the order is deemed by us to be a prank/harassment order.

We sell a lot of popular items in limited quantities and used items that are only one item in stock,
so please refrain from canceling your order as much as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

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