Condition Policy

Our store labels products with the following types: You can see them at the beginning of the product title.

NEW: Not Opened.Basically Sealed.

USED: Used item, Our Used Items are All Working Tested.

Un-Used: Opened and Only Tested, but it is not played

C-Grade: No problem to Play but it has some damages or defects in appearance, box etc. Please see the description.

Box Damage: NEW but the box has some damages.

  About Old Items

We sell many old items such as made in over 10-20 years ago.

Un-opened products are sold without checking their contents, so battery corrosion,Stripped screw or malfunction cannot be noticed before sale.

We sell these old products (unopened) on the assumption that the customer can understand that there may be unexpected battery corrosion,Stripped screw or malfunction.

Of course, in that case, we will accept the return or refund. We think that's the best thing we can do.

The only way to avoid this is to open and check all un-opened items before selling.

( Actually we open and test all stocks of "made in 1998 models" before selling because these stocks causes screw troubles very often. )

But this may be very disappointing for collectors around the world.

Because collectors want un-opened items. So we keep selling the vintage un-opened items as possible as we can.

If you want to avoid any trouble, please choose "Used items", We do check working for all our used stocks.

Please understand the possibility of unexpected battery corrosion,stripped screw or malfunction before making purchase.

We would appreciate your understanding.