Condition Policy and about Pictures of our Stocks

Label of Condition

Our store labels products with the following types: You can see them at the beginning of the product title.

NEW: Not Opened.Basically Sealed.

USED: Used item, Playable. Our Used Items are All Working Tested. 

****Products that it has been more than a few years since released may have scratches, battery corrosion, stains, yellowing, or LCD degradation that do not interfere with operation.

Un-Used: Opened and Only Tested, but it is not played

C-Grade: No problem to Play but it has some damages or defects in appearance, box etc. Please see the description.

Box Damage: NEW (or un-used ) but the box has some damages.

Pictures of Stocks

We post as many photos as we can of our used items.

If there is any damage above the standards we set, we take pictures of it as you can see it.

We're sorry but we can't accommodate requests to send additional photos.

If many customers ask us to do so, it will be difficult for us to do business.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

*Except for some used items that do not have actual photos.

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