Do you sell the English version of Tamagotchi? I can't find a lot of models.

Our shop is based in Japan. The English version is almost impossible to find in Japan.

(Although only Tamagotchi which was reverse-imported in the 90s is still available..)

Recently, "Bandai USA" has been releasing new products.

We've made an effort to get those items officially handled, but unfortunately we were never able to officially stock them.

This is because "Bandai U.S.A." and "Bandai Japan" restrict product licenses to "domestic" countries,

and authorized wholesalers are prohibited from selling to companies outside of those countries.

We have to set up a company that has a base in the USA to officially purchase them, but we can't do that for now.

Therefore, we can purchase "Bandai Japan" products from authorized wholesalers, but we are not able to purchase "Bandai USA" products officially.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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