Other Question

  • Can I place orders as Guest ?

    Our store requires that you register as a member to make a purchase. We ship internationally, so customers from many countries order from us. As a result, we experience problems with customers not receiving the automatic emails we send more often than our domestic service. (Especially when you...
  • Can you add English patch on the items ??

    Unfotunately we can't add English patch on our items, because adding a patch to a product may be a “modification” and selling the modified product may be considered a trademark infringement of the manufacturer. For this reason, our store basically does not sell patched products. Please udnerstand.
  • Can you buy my Tamagotchi items ?

    Unfortunately now we don't have the service of Buying items from customers, In the past we did it but totally it was not good because the shipping cost from customer's country to Japan is usually expensive, Please understand.
  • Do you have any Actual Store in Japan?

    Unfortunately we don't have actual store, only selling on this online store.
  • I'm European Customer, I had to pay Import Tax but it must be No tax by EPA between EU and Japan ??

    About the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)>>> We are often asked the question: “The imports and exports of EU countries and Japan should have been tax-free due to EPA, but they were taxed, Please pay tax instead of me”. But There are requirements for this EPA application....
  • In which time zone does JYW work?

    Since our shop is in Japan, we are working in Japan time. However, since American customers is the most in our store, we set posting of social media or the end time of sale etc.. to American time zone as possible as we can. Normally, our new arrival information will be posted at midnight in Jap...
  • I want to contact you via Instagram message.

    We are sorry. We do not accept inquiries via Instagram messages. There are two ways of contacting us now : Email form  https://japanyouwant.com/contact-us Facebook Message  https://www.facebook.com/japanyouwant.tmgc/ Why we don't accept inquiries on Instagram. We use a customer managemen...
  • Please add extra download items from tamagotchi station before ship ?

    Unfortunately we can't accept the offer of data download from Tamagotchi Station. We usually have a lot of orders, If we accept that request, we will have to go to the station with a lot of Tamagotchi every day. It is difficult for us, please kindly understand.
  • Where is JYWTMGC Located ?

    We are based in the city "Sapporo", Hokkaido, Japan. And ship our items to all the world. We have already shipped to so many countries. Please refer below article about the countries we can ship to : Can you ship to my country ? And we don't have the actual store, Only online store now you...
  • Why JYW don't reply the "Comments" on Social Medias ??

    We have posted so many ever and still posting everyday on our social medias. We receive 10-20 "messages" (social media messages and emails) everyday and our customer service part spends about a half day to reply to all messages our precious customers sent to us. Because we thinking this custome...