Tracking Doesn’t Show Anything ( or doesn’t proceed )

1.Sometimes tracking doesn’t show any result or pending in such as below status.

[ Japan Post ]

This status means the tracking No. has not reflected yet. Please wait for 24 hours (or at maximum 48 hours).
There are usually time-lag between the time we inform the tracking No. to you and the time Postal Service saves the tracking No. on their system.
If it still not proceed after 48hours have passed, please contact us.

2. Tracking Stopped in Tokyo

If the tracking stopped in below situation and not proceed , your country’s postal service may not have the international tracking system for your shipping method.
We can’t provide tracking in this case. Please understand.

Especially we receive inquiriesvery often about Canada Post and Australian Post ( Standard Shipping :ePacket )
They don’t have the international tracking system for this shipping method ( ePacket of Japan Post ).
Please understand in advance.

This status doesn’t mean “the pack stopped in Japanese Postal Service”. 
It means “the pack has already dispatched from Japan.”

We strongly recommend Canadian and Australian customers to choose DHL or EMS shipping if you want to tarcking the pack.
We can't support during the transport in standard shipping.

3. Tracking Stopped in your country's custom

When the pack is caught by custom, sometimes it takes long days.
In this case we have to wait until they release the pack after they finish their work.
Because they are working by your country's law. We can't claim about their work at all.


We can offer the investigation to Postal Service, but it makes no sense for custom procedure.
This case is just unfortunate and doesn't happen every time, please understand,

You and we just have to wait until they finish their work. Thank you for your understanding.

Oct 17, 2020