Please mark my package as Gift or write undervalue on shipping label.

We can’t write undervalue or mark as gift on the shipping label in any case,

Please check your country’s custom duty before buying our items.

Because "Undervalue" is formally defined as “tax evasion” under Japanese tax law.

We are officially registered as a business under Japanese tax law and are not allowed to do anything illegal.

If you have to pay “Custom charge ” in your country, it’s not our mistake.

The custom fee is buyer’s responsibility on our store,

Please understand in advance and you must agree to it when you place order..


Here's our perception of "under-value" in our store.

Perhaps this is more strict than other shops, please understand.

We think that requiring under-value to our store is the request us to do something illegal.
The Commercial Invoice is an official document. False statements on it are clearly illegal.

Our shop is officially doing business under the Japanese laws.

If we are found to be doing so, we will be prosecuted by the Japanese law.

We would like to inform that we have no intention of taking such a risk at all and have been doing business without it for many years.

Unfortunately, we also know that there are many stores that will accept such requests to get more customers (profits).

We wondering how many more products we would be able to sell if we were allowed to do that.

However, we believe that we'd rather be trusted by our customers and be in business with our customers than the stores accepting such "illegal activity".

As a result of the above, if you make any "under-value" request to us (as soon as you inquire about it),

we will cancel all your orders and freeze your account once.

If you understand what is described here, your account will be reactivated.

Thank you for your understanding.

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