Is Standard Shipping (Japan Post ePacket ) not available? I can only see DHL (and EMS).

Standard Shipping (Japan Post ePacket ) used to be available at our store in the past,
but unfortunately, it will no longer be available from 2021.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Japan Post has stopped its pickup service (the most important reason)

Japan Post has stopped the pickup service for Standard Shipping (Japan Post ePacket ) in August 2019. Since then, we have had to take our packages to the post office, but currently with many customers using our store and the volume of packages, it has become physically impossible to take the packs to the post office.

2. Uncertainty of Standard Shipping (Japan Post ePacket ) under the influence of COVID19

When COVID19 started to spread, we were still using Standard Shipping (Japan Post ePacket ), but we found out that our packages had been stopped for several weeks without any notice. A huge amount of packages were delayed or stopped in Japan Post, so we spent a lot of money and time to get them back and redeliver via DHL. The reason for this is that Japan Post doesn't have its own airmail service, so it rents planes from other companies to make deliveries, and when COVID19 prevented them from renting planes, they could not take any action at all. Standard Shipping (Japan Post ePacket ) to the US has already been suspended for over a year. We want to deliver our packages in a reliable way.

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