My order is not arrived yet ? What should I do ?

In international shipping, sometimes the delay happens in transport by the reaosn the postal service is busy or custom procedure takes a little longer days than usual. 

Please understand about that  in advance,

If you have not received your package beyond the time period we have specified, we can make an official “investigation request” to your country post office or DHL via Japan Post. .

So if you do not receive more than the following days, please contact us with your order number.

*Count from the shipment date (posting / collection date of tracking result).

1.Standard Shipping

28 days


1. 21 days in America and Asia. 35 days in Canada

2.Gift season / winter (late November to January) 35-42 days

2.Express Shipping (EMS)


3.Express Shipping (DHL)


(* We have never received any claims about not delivery yet in DHL shipping)

We will offer the official investigation after you ask to us, but the investigation takes a little long days so please wait until we get the reply.

You need to wait until we get the official reply from Shipment company ( Japan post or DHL ) .

Sometimes the investigation makes the postal service working again and help to deliver faster.

However, If unfortunately your pack is lost, we will resolve it by our store policy.

***Sometimes customer opens the chargeback case without waiting for the reply of investigation. In this case we will accept chargeback but we will refuse futher use. Please understand in advaice the shipment trouble is caused by shipment company and we can't avoid it completely by our effort. We need to cooperate to resolve it.

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