Please restock "Character Designed Game Accessories" for Nintendo Switch?

About character designed Game accessories, for example, such as below item,, Rilakkuma EVA Pouch for Nintendo Switch from i-Lex


These "Game accessories using licensed characters" are manufactured only for a certain period of time,

and once production is completed, these products will not be remanufactured because the manufacturer will work on the next new products,

It is not possible to predict how long production will continue,

because it is depending on the manufacturer of the product and the popularity of the product.

After production ended, we can't purchase from wholesalers and in the Japanese market usually the price will be increased to expensive.

Therefore, basically they will not be restocked in our store after no longer manufactured.

But if they are very popular item, they may be remanufactured after a while.

In that case, we will take pre-orders for remanufacturing.

In the case you want it now strongly, even if it was not manufactured already,

we can buy it only from a personal seller and sell it, but it's very expensive usually.

In the past, however, we have often been badly accused as "too expensive!!"

So we are not now making this proposal from our side.

We recommend getting it as soon as possible after launch before sold out.

Thank you for your understanding.

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