About the condition of Old models ( the product made in 1996-2015 )

We appreciate if you kindly understand about the condition of old models.

(It's about the items made in 1996 - 2015, already over 5years have passed)

We only sell products that have passed certain standards set by our store.

In order to sell our items in as clean a condition as possible, we have been cleaning all our used items since we opened our shop before selling them.

We remove significant amount of non-standard stocks every month as junk.

As for old items, they are more than 5-20 years old and are already sold in Japan without any warranties.

But we don't want to disappoint our international customers, so we keep a guarantee on returns and its working.

For example, we open all of Ocean / Forest / Osu Mesu / Mothra / Devil etc before selling, and test working. 

Because these models causes many screw troubles or battery corrosion troubles.

After tested, if no problem, these are sold as Un-Used, 

If it doesn't work, or heavy corrsion, or screw trouble, we remove them and sell them as junk by auction.

We sometimes receive a requests for taking specific pictures before purchase,

Or request to return by some scratches, corrosion etc..

These products are sold only on the premise that they are "playable (working).

We appreciate if you understand that those items are very difficult to be kept as very clean.

In Japan, many Tamagotchi/digimon are distributed as kids' toys.

Therefore, many of them are sold in a condition that children have used for long years.

It's easy to understand if you can imagine that condition.

We warranty it if it is not playable.

We ask that you forgive us for a little scratches, battery corrosion, dirt, yellowing, or LCD degradation that do not interfere with operation.

Thank you for your understanding.

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