It seems this Pre-Order was Out-of-Stock. It will be opened again before the release date ??

When the Pre-Order items are sold out,

1.About popular toys such as Tamagotchi

Popular electronic toys, especially new products of Tamagotchi, will not be sold again until around the release date.

When the exact number of stocks shipped to our store is determined,

if there are surplus stocks, that item will be restocked. It's usually 2-3 days before the release date.

No surplus, it will not be sold.

After the release date, if we can get it again, it may be listed, please keep check.

2.About Character Goods and Trading Cards

We may still be able to place additional orders to distributor, so it may be restock.

However, if it's been quite a few days since we started accepting orders, there probably won't be a resale.