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Japan You Want TMGC Store : Return Policy

We can accept the return. The return is sorted to 3 kinds.

1.Buyer's responsibility - Return cost is paid by customer.

You need to ask to us within 14 days since the pack arrived at your hands.Change mind, not reading the description, or mistake purchase etc...the reason of return is not on us.In this case you need to pay return cost.After we receive the pack, we will refund money excepting initial shipping cost.

Basically we can't accept the return of Brand-New item excepting "Initial Failure" and "Broken Item" because It is difficult to tell if they are still in the same condition as shipped.

2.Our responsibility - Return cost is paid by us.

You need to ask to us within 30 days since the pack arrived at your hands.Defects or trouble found, not described in the item pages, initial failure in brand-new items etc..the reason of return is on us.In this case we pay return cost after we receive the pack.We can cover the return cost within 25 USD, if it will be over 25 USD, you need to pay the difference. Please keep the receipt of shipment. And to return or refund, you need to show the pictures or video to show the defect to us in advance.

3. If you refuse to receive or Not delivered by Customer's reason

If you don't receive DHL Shipment by your reason (Refuse, Absent, Incorrect address, DHL couldn't contact you, etc) , basically the pack is not returned to us and just disposed by DHL, because the return ship in DHL is not free and very high cost (over $50). In this case we can't refund any money to you. Or if DHL returns the pack to us at free cost  (It depends on the DHL of each country. In USA, it will not be returned.) , we will refund only 80% of the item price (Shipping cost is not refunded). We are afraid we will refuse your future use in both case.

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