We always do respond to all troubles such as non-delivery or product defects.

The customer can at least request a return. We will accept it in any case.
The procedure is as described in our return policy.

Or if not delivered, we will offer the investigation to postal service and if the pack is lost, we will refund all.

The customer has no reason to suddenly open dispute.
So we will treat a customer as a scam if suddenly makes a dispute. And any future use will be refused.

2.Not factual slander

Anyone can freely express their opinions about our store anywhere.

However, if that is not true, our shop will consider that the customer has interfered with our business and will refuse further use.


Any lie in transaction, for example, customer said the pack accidentally returned to us and requested the refund.
After we refunded all, when we receive the returned pack, we sometimes found the record of "Addressee has Refused to receive by the reason of custom charge".
If things of losing trust happens, any future use will be refused.

4.One-sided Demand or Purchase for the purpose of keeping stocks

Repeatedly demanding that we unilaterally follow your convenience without our consideration.

For example,

Repeatedly requesting to ship by a shipping method other than the default shipping method provided by us or asking for discounts.
Unilaterally requesting that we provide you with a service that we don't provide.

Purchase for the purpose of keeping stocks
It is prohibited to quickly buy a popular or rare item before it is sold out, then ask questions about it, consider it, and cancel it if it is not good for you.
You need to agree to all before you make purchase.

In the cases of the above, we will not reply and we will refuse any further purchases and close your account without notice. It means we consider it a nuisance.
Because we need to take a lot of time to respond and it will interfere with other business.

5.Over the Limit of Purchase Quantity
If you purchase significantly more than the quantity limit, we will assume that you are buying for resale and all orders will be automatically cancelled,even if you are buying on behalf of a friend.
After that, your account will be locked and you will not be able to use our shop. In addition, we will not respond to any further inquiries.

This rule was established because in the past there have been people who have ordered hundreds of items with a purchase quantity of 12, and we were forced to enforce this rule.

Thank you for your understanding.

May 24, 2021

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