We always do respond to all troubles such as non-delivery or product defects.

The customer can at least request a return. We will accept it in any case.

The procedure is as described in our return policy.

Or if not delivered, we will offer the investigation to postal service and if the pack is lost, we will refund all.

The customer has no reason to suddenly open dispute.

So we will treat a customer as a scam if suddenly makes a dispute. And any future use will be refused.

2.Not factual slander

Anyone can freely express their opinions about our store anywhere.

However, if that is not true, our shop will consider that the customer has interfered with our business and will refuse further use.


Any lie in transaction, for example, customer said the pack accidentally returned to us and requested the refund. 

After we refunded all, when we receive the returned pack, we sometimes found the record of "Addressee has Refused to receive by the reason of custom charge". 

If things of losing trust happens, any future use will be refused.

Thank you for your understanding.