Why my order was cancelled ??

Basically we will not cancel your order from our side.

However, in the following cases, we may cancel your order, please understand.

Also, in case of cancellation, we are always sending e-mails explaining the reasons, please check your registered e-mail address.

Out of stock:

Although we are selling after counting the quantity of stocks carefully, but in rare cases, we may make a mistake...

As a result, we may ask you to cancel if there is no inventory to send to you.

Also, it is very rare case, if multiple customers order at the same time (within 5-10 seconds) for only one stock,
our system may accept both orders.
In this case, after examining which one was ordered first, we will cancel the person who ordered later.

When the billing address of the credit card differs from the issuing country:

We often experience chargeback due to unauthorized use of credit card.

In order to prevent unauthorized use, if the credit card billing address and the issuing country of the credit card are different,
we will cancel the order and refuse further use.

We appreciate your understanding.

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