Why JYW don't reply the "Comments" on Social Medias ??

We have posted so many ever and still posting everyday on our social medias.

We receive 10-20 "messages" (social media messages and emails) everyday and our customer service part spends about a half day to reply to all messages our precious customers sent to us.

Because we thinking this customer service is one of the most important thing in JYW.

But also we receive "comments" ( Not message ) on our socials medias.

We think the best is that we can reply to all comments but sorry we can't do it for now because we don't have enough time to do it.

If we reply to all comments, we can't do other work, shipping, listing, buying or etc..and our work will be stuck completely.

Please kindly understand our situation.

If you have important questions or issues you can't resolve even if you checked all of HELP page, please send message to us, not comment on the Social media post.

And when you ask about the order you have already placed, please contact us via contact form with your Order No., not via any Social medias.

Please cooperate with us,

We will answer your message politely and positively every time.