I'm European Customer, I had to pay Import Tax but it must be No tax by EPA between EU and Japan ??

About the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)>>>

We are often asked the question:

“The imports and exports of EU countries and Japan should have been tax-free due to EPA, but they were taxed, Please pay tax instead of me”.

But There are requirements for this EPA application.

One of them is “the country of export is the same as the country of origin of the goods”.

We are based in Japan, but unfortunately the current country of origin for Tamagotchi,Digimons are “China”.

Therefore, we must write “made in China” on the invoice.

It does not meet the EPA requirements and is subject to customs duties.

And even if the product is "Made in Japan",

basically we need to make the document and put in the pack to apply this EPA to our export,

So please understand it's difficult to apply EPA rule from our side officially.

***But in some cases, tax exemption may be granted by the importer upon declaration.

if you appeal to the customs that the country of origin of your product is "Japan",

there is a possibility that the import tax could be reduced.

But we can't give any support for it and we can't give you any informatiuon (document)

about the country of origin about the products. We just write it on commercial invoice.

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