Cancellation by our fraudulent order detection system

If our system determines that an order may be fraudulent, the order may be cancelled.This means that even if you are not placing a fraudulent order, we may cancel your order if your order meets our criteria.

Below are some examples of cases where there is a risk of cancellation for your reference.


  • The billing address does not match the address on your credit card
  • The zip code of the billing address does not match the address registered on the credit card
  • The order is being placed through a high-risk Internet connection (e.g., proxy system)
  • Security code (CVV) is not available
  • There is a history of more than 3 failed payment attempts

We reserve the right to cancel such an order once it has been placed. You will need to place the order again with the correct billing address and method.

Jan 16, 2023

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