About the card game BOX, Can I buy different kind of Box at one purchase ??

About the card game BOX

Our store is set up so that you cannot order different types of boxes at the same time.

Our shipping rates are set to "Only Highest Cost Apply", which means you get the benefit of buying a lot of items at one time.

However, with this setting, it is difficult to adapt to heavy items, and there is a limit to the size of one shipment in our store.
For this reason, you can't order the different boxes together.

If you want to order different boxes at the same time, you must first make a separate payment for each boxes.
Then, when you place your second order, write "I'd like to ship it with order number #______" on the Order Notes.

We will ship those two orders together and refund the "difference between the actual shipping costs".
Please note that we don't refund the entire shipping cost of any one order.


1st order #00001 / Box A x1 : Shipping $16
2nd order #00002 / Box B x1 : Shipping $16
You paid $16x2 =$32 totally

**You write "I want to combine this order with #00001" in the order notes of 2nd order #00002.

When we ship them by combined, the real shipping cost is $22 for 2x Boxes, for example**

In this case, we will refund the difference $32 - 22=$10
(Not $16, not whole of any shipping cost).


Boxes can only be shipped up to 6 boxes in a single shipment due to shipping weight limit; if you exceed 6 boxes, we cannot ship your order in this way.

In addition, if you are buying a variety of other items together (especially large or heavy items), we may not be able to ship them due to size or weight.

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