About the status of your order

About the status of your order

You can see your current order status in your account page after log-in.
My Account >Orders>Press the Order No.

The status of your order is as follows:

Your order was placed without issue and is currently awaiting shipment.

This means that we have completed the shipping process for your order.
You can see the Tracking No. in this case here.

**This does not mean that we have handed over the package to the courier.
After your package has been marked as "Completed"and you received email of "Shipped",
you may not be able to track it for 1-2 days due to the courier's holiday schedule.
Once the courier start processing, it will be tracked.

Due to some kind of payment issue, the order has been put on hold.
We can't know exactly what caused the problem. You will need to contact the payment method you are using (credit card company, PayPal) on your own.

The order has been refunded and cancelled.

You will see this when a refund issued by any reason after the order has been shipped.

On Hold
Something consultation has been held regarding payment. (Chargebacks, etc.)

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